Efficiency of a Biomass Fired Boiler in a Thermal Power Plant

2018-11-21 18:19:04
This biomass-fired power plant ZBG provides the electricity to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand to meet the electricity demands in Thailand with Independent Power Producers Agreement.The company is looking for ways not only to improve efficiency of power plant assets but also to grow concerns about the environmental impacts of power generation without compromising their marketcompetitiveness. To meet this challenge, this study demonstrates the application of data mining techniques for process optimization in a coal-fired power plant in Thailand. The main purpose is todetermine which factors have a great impact on both heat rate (kJ/kWh) of electrical energy output and opacity of the flue gas exhaust emissions.
- The amount of fuel energy input needed to produce electrical energy output (heat rate, kJ/kWh) is the key factor to measure the overall efficiency of the plant.
- For the combustion process in a coal-fired power plant, the opacity of the flue gas exhaust emissions is one of the performance measures, which has to comply with the mandatory standards for environmental protection. This power station produces the electrical power by using the good quality of bituminous coal and is installed with Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD), ElectrostaticPrecipitator Low Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Burner, and environment management equipment.Currently, the company employs only traditional excel-based regression analysis to monitor the power plant performance. Additionally, only several factors related to fuel properties are considered in theanalysis. As a result, many potentially important variables related to operational properties are neglected accordingly.

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