70t Industrial Biomass Fired CFBC Steam Boiler

Textile Plant

Smalltext:70t Industrial Biomass Fired CFBC Steam Boiler for textile installed in Vietnam in 2017.


 70t Industrial Biomass Fired CFBC Steam Boiler
 70t Industrial Coal Fired CFBC Steam Boiler

70t Industrial Biomass Fired CFBC Steam Boiler for textile installed in Vietnam in 2017.

Details of Industrial Biomass Fired CFBC Steam Boiler
1.The fuels of this boiler is with broad adaptability, so many kinds of coal is suitable to provide stable and efficient heat. During the operational process of the boiler, it is easy to achieve high burning efficiency in the condition of not changing burning  equipment when the coal is changed.
2.Circulating fluidized bed boiler is different from other boilers on the burning system. Its burning system consists of burning room, material destination and material returner. The high heat material enters the material returner together with the airflow, and the material collected will enter the material returner and then returns the burning room. This is called circulating burning which increase the burning efficiency greatly.
3.This boiler is with a wide range and high speed of load adjustment.
4.A clean and environmental burning technology is used in this boiler to improve the quality of air and environment.
5.It is easy to use the ash completely because of the low-heat burning and good burning condition of this boiler.
6.There is no immersed tube in the boiler, so it is easy to start or stop the equipment
ZBG can supply 50MW~100 MW high pressure boiler; 125MW, 200MW, 210MW super high pressure boiler; 350~600MW super-critical boiler; 600~1000MW ultra-super-critical boiler; 50~300MW CFB boiler, steam gas combine cycle heat recovery steam generator, pressured fluidized boiler 50~1000MW HP heater, deaerator, sootblower, periodical & continuous blowdown equipment, deslag, heat supply system heater, boiler auto control system.

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